What is Cable Camel made of?

It's made of a thick and strong EVA Foam.


Can I cut the product to make it into smaller sizes?

Yes you can, just use a sharp knife and cut through the hole you selected.


Can I reuse the adhesive?

Unfortunately not, It's a great adhesive so make sure you place it in the right spot. If you changed your mind too late, get in contact with us and we will post one adhesive strip for you.


Can it be used upside down, for cable alignment as an example?

Yes, it will hold well if you use light weight products such as electronics chargers, cables, cords, threads and wires.


How long should I wait before use?

Ideally 10 minutes if using on top or side and 20 minutes if it's upside down.


Can I get a custom made size or design?

Yes!, Get in touch with us and we can work it out for you. Minimum quantity will be required.


If you have any other questions, please contact us.